jsPax testsuite

The jsPax testsuite consists of a small package and a HTML page. You can run the testsuite (with the uncompressed package.js) installed on this server. It uses the compressed version package.js

If everything is OK, your browser window should show this:

starting up...
loading package
running $using-function
package-function called
finished $using-function

What does the testsuite test?

The testsuite does not test all possible situations at the moment. It simply loads a package and calls a function that is created in that package. That function uses another function that is created in the HTML-file.

All in all the testsuite makes shure that these things alsways work:

installing the testsuite

download the testsuite

You can download the testsuite here. Unpack it with tar -xzf test.tgz where you want to install it. The archive contains a directory test/ with the testsuite inside.

install jspax

The testsuite does not come with jspax, because usually you want to test your installation. Get either the sourcecode or the compressed version and copy that file where you whant it.

adapt test.html

Open test.html in your prefered html-editor. The first script tag loads package.js. Change the attribute src to the URL of your package.js installation. In the second script tag you need to adapt the variable $package.packageBase to the base url of your testtuite installation.

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